3rd Test – India vs Pakistan Highlights – Short Highlights

Sourav Ganguly worked his way to a 15th Test hundred, India v Pakistan, 3rd Test, Bangalore, 1st day, December 8, 2007

Pakistan in India Test Series – 3rd Test

India v Pakistan 2007/08 season

Played at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore, on 8,9,10,11,12 December 2007 (5-day match)

Presentation Cermony

Day 5 – All Pak Wickets

Day 5 – Highlights Part 1

Day 5 – Highlights Part 2

Indian 2nd innings batting Highlights- Day 4:(Ganguly 50 included)

All 10 wickets of Pak:

Pak Highlights – Day 4:

Chit Chat with Ishant Sharma:

Venkatesh Prasad Chat

Day 3 – Pak Wickets

Yasir Arafat 5 Wicket Haul

Pathan 100 Highlights

Chat with Pathan

Chat with Yuvi

Ganguly’s 200 Highlights

Day 2 Morning Session Highlights

Rahul Dravid Wicket

Wasim Jaffer Wicket

Laxman Wicket

Morning Session

2nd Session Highlights

Yuvraj Singh 100

Sourav Ganguly 100

Yuvraj Singh Wicket

Yuvraj Singh Interview


10 Responses to 3rd Test – India vs Pakistan Highlights – Short Highlights

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  2. alpesh says:

    wot is goin ann? nothin showin! mai gad pliss fix! i wont to wosh gungooly & yuvi! india rulZ!


  3. alpesh says:

    oh it iz workin.

    sorri, it wuz mai connekshun.

    thenxu. god blasu.

  4. sree says:

    saurav was really outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yuvi was no doubt amazing.. he is the future star for Indian cricket team…

  5. saranblog says:

    nice job man

  6. yourmitra says:

    this match is going for a draw…unfortunately all yuvi’s and sourav’s heroics will be futile.


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  7. day 5 says:

    can some one post day 5 highlights please



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